3D Product Configuration

What is a configurator for?

Mainly to make an intuitive web tool for managing orders, with e-commerce orientation, available both inside and outside production companies and distributors.

2 What are the hardware and software requirements?

Media compatible with the display of the latest generation of browsers, suitable for use or development on the web, with dedicated and adequate graphic processing unit video sections both in terms of performance and memory. There are no absolute constraints on the operating system, if it complies with the previous specifications.

3 Are data files accessible and secure?

Archives are on remote servers for security guarantee and security reasons. Access is made through the complete functionality of the software.

4 Is it possible to recover and reuse CAD drawings from the company’s technical departments?

Yes, it is. They must be converted, lightened, mapped to obtain files in various formats (FBX suggested) suitable for use and publication.

5 What is the relationship between investment and the increasingly rapid evolution of technology?

The platform is made with cutting-edge technologies, operating on main browsers and DERWID will continuously analyze the possibility of evolution towards updated technologies while mainting compatibility.

6 Is compatibility with other softwares guaranteed?

Yes, as a personalization. Integration with web based ERP, e-commerce and websites is native.

Photografic Product Configuration

1 In which server is it located?

It is located in the DERWID Server Farm in Munich

2 Is it a responsive mobile solution?

Yes, you can use it on every type of device.

3 Is the version standard or can you customize it?

Both. There is a standard version where we can add only the colors and the logo of the customer, but there is also the possibility to customize all the version according with the requests.

4 Can I see how often it it used by my customers?

Yes of course! This configurator is also a marketing tool. As a matter of facts, there is a report module which allows you to see statistical graphical data on the application use.

5 Is it possible to save images I do with my configurator on my PC?

Yes, it is possible.

6 Are the images pictures or renderings?

They can be both.

7 Who provides the images?

We can provide high quality renderings but we can use also customer’s images.

8 Which technical characteristics must the supplied images have?

The pictures of each part have to be without shadows, lights and inclination. It would be better to provide also samples for correct color calibration.

On line Appliances Cataloguing

1 How can I view all the brands and items in my catalogue?

You can see them from the administration tool through a report.

2 Can I enter more prices for each appliances?

Yes, up to 10 prices.

3 Can I signal some items on offer?

Yes, of course. The name of the items on offer will be green and the brand will be underlined in red.

4 In how many languages is it available?

It is available in 5 languages: English, German, French, Italian and Spanish.

5 Is it possible to change the commercial codes?

Yes, of course. You can enter your own codes.

6 Is it possible to use it with 3D configurators?

Yes, of course. You can use it connected with all the configurators you have (not only 3cad).

Electronic Data Interchange

1. Ftp does not connect: what can I do?

Check that your client is set on passive mode.

2. I don’t receive your emails: what can I do?

 – Check if your mail server works: do you receive any other emails from other addresses?
 – If you receive mail from others, check if DERWID’s mail is in the spam folder.
 – Haven’t you found our emails yet? Contact us.

3. When do the goods arrive?

You have to ask your supplier.
DERWID is only your supplier’s EDI provider: we deal only with data transmission and translation. For lack of data, missing goods, non-payments or similar, you have to contact your partner.


1 Do I have to add something to my IT infrastructure?

No, you don’t. DERWID offers outsourced services.

2 Where is my data located?

Data is located in a high availability data center in Munich.

3 Who can see my data?

Other than your business partners – as far as they are concerned, only DERWID employees can.

4 When is the service available?

Our service system is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

5 I have heard you offer services based on document packages: how does this work?

For our services D/cct, D/van and D/arc and others we use document packages.
We modulate the packages on the basis of the real number of documents processed by your company and “consequently” propose a package that reflects your individual needs. The bigger the package – i. e. a higher number of documents included, the less the single document costs.

6 What if I exceed the number of documents included in my package?

Toward the end of the year we check the actual number of exchanged documents: if the traffic has increased, we propose to pass to the consecutive bigger package, more convenient for your company. You choose whether to change it or not: if you subscribe to it before the end of the year, the new package will be backdated to the past year.

7 I need your support: do I have to pay?

In all our packages, support hours are included, proportionate to the size of the package. If you exceed the available hours, when necessary, we will evaluate the situation together.

8 Could I use EDI technology to integrate with my suppliers?

Sure, it’s an interesting opportunity to simplify your company’s document management. If you integrate both purchasing and sales cycles, you can manage all documents transmitted via EDI without printing them and archive them directly in an electronic format.
Payback time can be easily calculated before the beginning of the project and in this case is significantly shortened.
Contact us for a more in-depth analysis.


1 What is EDI?

EDI stands for Electronic Data Interchange. When using EDI technology, all documents such as orders, invoices, delivery notes, etc., traditionally sent as paper documents, are exchanged in electronic format. 

2 Who can I do EDI with?

With all of your business partners: clients, suppliers, distributors, etc. independently from their nationality.
Industries in which EDI is traditionally used are for example automotive, do-it-yourself, retail chains, furniture, etc.

3 Do I need specific know-how to do EDI with you?

No particular or additional know-how is required: you will continue working as you always have. DERWID will be your EDI department and will deal with everything regarding EDI such as contacts, tests and controls.

4 Do I need to change my method of work?

No, you will continue working as you always have, with the advantage of automated input of documents.

5 Which documents can be sent and received?

Every type of document, both commercial and logistical: orders, invoices, delivery notes, price lists, CAD drawings, IftMin, IftMbp, IftMbc, etc. You only need to have the format implementation guidelines.

6 Which formats do I have to use?

The most convenient for you: you can easily use your ERP export.

7 Which formats do you support?

DERWID supports all kind of formats, standard or not: any possible ERP format, but also special formats for customized integrations.
For example we support: edifact, x12, euritmo, indicod, filconad, angaisa, metel, etc. ERP formats such as Navision, AX, Sap, e/, etc.

8 I change my ERP system: do I have to change also my EDI/Business Integration system or my EDI supplier?

No, it isn’t necessary. If you change your ERP system, DERWID service keeps functioning.
With FAQs No. 6 and No. 7 above, we explain you how this is possible.

9 How long does it take to activate a flow?

It depends on how many partners are involved. At least one week is needed for the activation of a flow.
DERWID could do immediate activations, but you must consider that in an EDI integration many subjects could be involved who have to be coordinated: your company and your business partner, EDI and VAN providers of both companies and sometimes also both ERP companies.

10 My format is different from my business partners’: what can I do?

It’s not a problem: you can always transmit to DERWID using your format, we will then translate it into your business partners’ formats.

11 The contents in my ERP export are different from those required by my business partners: what can I do?

Continue using your ERP export: DERWID transmits to your partner only the required contents.

12 In my ERP export some data that my partner needs is missing: what can I do?

DERWID creates automated updates. You give us the missing data in another format such as database, chart or others and we will create the automation so that your partner receives all the data they need.

13 I don’t want my partner to receive the wrong documents: what can I do?

DERWID checks the data before it is sent to your client, in order to anticipate their controls. If there is any error, DERWID sends you a notification with the instructions to verify or correct it. The control system is constantly updated both through changes by your partner and through errors that have already occurred.

14 How long does it take you to send us the documents?

As soon as the document is received by our system, it is elaborated. As for the sending: documents can be sent immediately or grouped and sent according to the addressee’s or sender’s needs.

15 How do I know if my data was received?

When data is received, DERWID’s system sends a confirm notification.

16 How do I know if any data wasn’t sent?

DERWID sends an error message to inform you that some documents were blocked and the reason why.

17 What is included in my D/cct package?

The package includes:
– number of exchanged documents, corresponding to your current needs
– support hours necessary for any possible explanations, according to the amount of exchanged documents
– number of partners, corresponding to the size of the package
– number of plants, corresponding to the size of the package

18 How much does D/cct package cost?

Our solution is formed by an initial cost and an annual cost.
The initial cost is needed for the technical work to map flows into the system and to configure the rules for a correct conversion and control operation.
The annual cost depends on the number of exchanged documents.


My communication channel is different from my business partners’: what can I do?

It’s not a problem. You transmit to DERWID through a unique channel, independent from the channels your business partners are using. DERWID uses all the technologies available on the market, for example: x400, van, as2, sftp, ftp, soap, oftp, oftp2, etc.

2 Can you assure the transmission security?

We guarantee all data is elaborated, delivered or made available for collection through secure protocols. Only authorized users can access the data.

3 Does a sender/addressee guarantee exist?

Sure. We guarantee the addressee’s data is truly sent from the specified sender and vice versa we guarantee the sender’s data is sent to the specified addressee.

4 What is included in my D/van package?

The package includes:
– number of exchanged documents, corresponding to your current needs
– number of partners, corresponding to the size of the package
– number of plants, corresponding to the size of the package
– price of the transmission, depending on the technology you use.

5 How much does D/van package cost?

It depends on the combination of these three elements: VAN technology used, size of the transmitted documents and frequency of the transmission.

6 VAN is a cost: can I minimize it?

Yes, thanks to DERWID it is possible for two reasons:
– the configuration of our system allows us to add transmission rules and group the sending, optimizing processes and dropping costs;
– DERWID’s accessibility to many already active direct transmission channels allows us to save both money and time.

3cad Consulting

1 What is 3cad for?

Mainly to optimize and facilitate the flow of orders.

2 Before using 3cad, do I need some particular hardware or software?

Nothing in particular: Windows based systema (Intel / AMD CPU – no Atom) with DIrectX 9c compatible video board.

3 Considering my internal resources (currently 100% committed), do I need to hire more staff if I buy a configurator?

It is up to you because internal staff is often converted.

4 My management system is obsolete, can I use the configurator stand-alone and sending the orders to the management program ?

Yes, surely.

5 Can I install the program only on the server and use it from several different computers?

No, the program should be installed on a PC. However, it is possible to share catalogues and projects on line.