Entrepreneurs and professionals get involved at the Business Forum Opportunity in Venice

DERWID at Business Forum Opportunity 2019 - Venezia

Let’s take some entrepreneurs from North East Italy. Then add the desire to confront and exchange ideas and experiences. Finally, put them together on a day dedicated: this is the ideal combination of ingredients to create valuable relationships and real business.

Where to find all this?

On July 9th, at the Russot Hotel in Venice, Salone d´Impresa organizes the fourth edition of the Business Forum Opportunity. A networking and B2B fair to give space to the exchange of ideas and create new relationships, to get involved and create value for the territory.

Why participate?

In one day you can:

  • match with over 100 entrepreneurs and professionals from North East Italy
  • attend a program of specialized seminars that will look into the services, tools and experiences of local companies
  • explore the stands of over 40 companies in the 6 exhibition areas dedicated to Services & People, Designers, Products, Start Up & IOT 4.0, Finance & Legal, Countries & Markets.

DERWID will participate in this edition of the Business Forum Opportunity.

At 11.00 am we will present a speech on the topic “Digitize daily Business Processes: the secret to Successful Relations with Business Partners“.
How to transform the daily business processes from simple routine activities to strategic factors? How to communicate in a structured way with customers, suppliers or partners and effectively manage all the resulting data?
We’ll talk about this, starting from practical examples, to find the secret of a successful relationship with customers and suppliers.

Come and meet us at our stand in the Start Up & IOT 4.0 area: we will be happy to discuss the challenges of digitizing business processes together.

Save the date!
Business Forum Opportunity
9 July 2019
Russot Hotel, Venice

The participation is free, but registration is required according to the Privacy Law.
If you are a Business Consultant, you could only participate together with an entrepreneur duly registered.

Who is a Salone d’Impresa?
For over 17 years, Salone d’Impresa has involved people, companies and universities in events, cultural and business projects for the development of the organizations in the territory.