DERWID at the Richmond E-Commerce Forum in Rimini

DERWID at Richmond E-Commerce Forum 2019 in Italy

We are ready to find out all about the latest trends in e-commerce in Italy.
On 18-20 September 2019 at the Richmond E-Commerce Forum at Grand Hotel Rimini we will meet Italian professionals and experts and exchange views about all the topics around electronic commerce.

Through conferences, workshops and pre-arranged meetings, participants will discover the latest technologies and trends. They will talk with e-commerce experts to answer their doubts and needs or find new inspirations, while working in a different environment.

With DERWID you could talk and share experience about 3D visualization in e-commerce and automated data exchange.

Why is it worth talking about this with us?

We are looking forward to meeting you at Richmond E-Commerce Forum 2019!

DERWID is part of the Federation of Industry of Carinthia

DERWID is pleased to announce that it has been included as a new member of the Federation of Austrian Industries. This is an honor for us but also a big opportunity to improve the visibility of our company, to raise the networking and the cooperation with institutions and the other members.
Today DERWID is headquartered in Villach, Austria, with other 3 branches among Italy and Germany. This strategical position is increasingly important for our competitive presence in the Industry 4.0 and our central role in Digitalization.

Federation of Industry

The Federation of Austrian Industries (IV) is the voluntary and independent representation of interests of the Austrian industry and its related sectors. As a recognised political partner, it works on the positive further development of Austria. The IV represents the concerns of its more than 4,400 current members from the manufacturing sector, the banking industry, infrastructure and industry-related services in the provinces, at the federal level and in Europe.
Efficiently and leanly structured, IV is a platform for its members to help shape industrial, economic and socio-political issues.As an interface between companies and politics, it works as a Representation of interests, think tank, network and service partner. As a member of the official European employer social partner BusinessEurope, IV is also the strong voice of Austrian industry at the European level.

Supplier Relationship Management: the secret to creating successful relationships with suppliers

what is Supplier Relationship Management

Maintaining relations with suppliers is an increasingly central issue also for small and medium-sized companies. Let’s find out what Supplier Relationship Management is and why it is so important.

What does Supplier Relationship Management mean?

The topic of Supplier Relationship Management is not new: it was brought to the attention of big companies in the 1980s by P. Kraljič of McKinsey.

Supplier Relationship Management or SRM means managing relationships with suppliers with a strategic approach.

A company classifies and evaluates its suppliers, defining which products or services are priorities for its business; based on this analysis, it plans strategies and actions to better manage procurement and relationships with all of its suppliers.

Why is SRM central and strategic?

Supply chain decisions impact many areas in the company: procurement, quality control, logistics but also project management and financial aspects.

So it is clear, that a precise and punctual supplying process is decisive for the success of a company.

The goal of this approach is to improve the relationship with suppliers. Maintaining relationships based only on savings is counterproductive. Instead, taking care of the relationships with your suppliers as real partners, helps to create value for the company and to prevent any risk.

To better manage these processes, the company must be supported by a software capable of processing all data relating to suppliers.

What does a SRM software do?

A SRM software is a tool to centrally manage collaboration with suppliers.
Within it, it is possible to manage both operational and analytical aspects of relations with your suppliers. From sourcing to quotation requests, from orders to transport management. It is possible to monitor suppliers’ performance in real time, including corrective actions, and don’t get caught unprepared.

Small and medium-sized companies that choose to have a supplier management portal offer their partners a forward-looking and professional business card, as well as a competitive advantage for their company.

As said before, the performance of suppliers, especially strategic ones, impacts the performance of your company. Thanks to SRM software it is possible to manage, monitor and analyze supplier performance in real time and prevent unforeseen circumstances.

Two relevant aspects of this strategic approach, supported by SRM software are:

  • timely communication and traceability of the relationship. If you change the purchasing manager or involve new people, all information is available in a single place.
  • real-time monitoring and evaluation of KPIs. Key information can be shared with strategic suppliers: not only forecasts, but also information on performance. This reduces alignment meetings and phone calls.

The results will also be manifest in

  • optimizing warehouse management and delivery times
  • greater efficiency in production planning
  • the measurability of waste/errors.

Are you interested in a SRM software for your company?
We can help you further with our Supplier Relationship Management portal D/srm.

Contact our consultants.

EDI services: key factor for digital transformation

Benefits of cloud EDI services: key factor for digital transformation

We’ve been using and talking about EDI – Electronic Data Interchange since the 1960s. But does it still make sense to talk about it today?
Luckily, EDI isn’t anymore that slow, rigid and expensive technology, suitable only for big companies, as it was known until 20 years ago. On the contrary. Do you know that EDI can be a flexible and scalable solution, the key factor for digital transformation and process optimization?
Let’s see what EDI services mean today.

What is exactly EDI? A definition

What is exactly EDI?
Electronic Data Interchange, in short EDI, is the automated computer-to-computer exchange of business documents between business partners in a standard electronic format over a secure standardized connection.
(For further info, read our FAQs about EDI.)

Basically, EDI services facilitate electronic commerce and improve business relationships between partners.
How? By the standardized transmission of orders, invoices, delivery notes and the integration with ERP systems. Process optimization and reduced waste and errors are the results of this automation.

What you should expect from your EDI provider

In order to achieve these benefits, regardless of the type of EDI service they are providing, whether it is a classical EDI solution or a modern EDI web service, your EDI provider should offer:

  • data mapping: in order to have a clear picture of data flows, when you exchange different data formats with your partners
  • data translation: so that all the systems involved receive information in an understandable format
  • tools to check and maintain data quality and integrity
  • connectivity management: as many different systems need to be connected, it is essential to manage the communication between the partners.

Problems of traditional EDI solutions

The world today is increasingly fast and liquid, the traditional EDI solutions have started to become outdated.
Instead of optimizing your processes, they could create inefficiencies.

For example classical EDI includes on-premise hardware and point-to-point connections. The main problems of these solutions are:

  • high purchase and maintenance cost (only affordable for big companies)
  • high effort to make changes (new partners, connections, …)
  • slow onboarding of new partners
  • connections difficult to manage.

Benefits of a cloud EDI solution

To overcome those limitations, new alternative and flexible web EDI services have emerged, suitable for any type of company.

Which benefits does a cloud EDI provider offer?

Here is a list of the main advantages:
1) A cost effective EDI service. You don’t need to purchase any EDI software, hardware or software updates or install anything on premise.

2) A scalable solution: you could start small, measure the results and then decide to create more connections. The solution could be quickly re-adapted throughout the years, when you need to onboard new business partners.

3) A flexible and tailored EDI service, that adapts exactly to your needs and procedure. As we mentioned here, this means that the solution:

  • could be integrated with any type of ERP system, without limitation
  • could integrate any type of customer or supplier, regardless of its size
  • could manage any type of data format, protocol and transmission channel.

4) A quicker onboarding process, thanks to a faster and leaner data mapping.

Need more info on how to improve your business processes through an EDI solution? Contact our EDI consultants.

Entrepreneurs and professionals get involved at the Business Forum Opportunity in Venice

DERWID at Business Forum Opportunity 2019 - Venezia

Let’s take some entrepreneurs from North East Italy. Then add the desire to confront and exchange ideas and experiences. Finally, put them together on a day dedicated: this is the ideal combination of ingredients to create valuable relationships and real business.

Where to find all this?

On July 9th, at the Russot Hotel in Venice, Salone d´Impresa organizes the fourth edition of the Business Forum Opportunity. A networking and B2B fair to give space to the exchange of ideas and create new relationships, to get involved and create value for the territory.

Why participate?

In one day you can:

  • match with over 100 entrepreneurs and professionals from North East Italy
  • attend a program of specialized seminars that will look into the services, tools and experiences of local companies
  • explore the stands of over 40 companies in the 6 exhibition areas dedicated to Services & People, Designers, Products, Start Up & IOT 4.0, Finance & Legal, Countries & Markets.

DERWID will participate in this edition of the Business Forum Opportunity.

At 11.00 am we will present a speech on the topic “Digitize daily Business Processes: the secret to Successful Relations with Business Partners“.
How to transform the daily business processes from simple routine activities to strategic factors? How to communicate in a structured way with customers, suppliers or partners and effectively manage all the resulting data?
We’ll talk about this, starting from practical examples, to find the secret of a successful relationship with customers and suppliers.

Come and meet us at our stand in the Start Up & IOT 4.0 area: we will be happy to discuss the challenges of digitizing business processes together.

Save the date!
Business Forum Opportunity
9 July 2019
Russot Hotel, Venice

The participation is free, but registration is required according to the Privacy Law.
If you are a Business Consultant, you could only participate together with an entrepreneur duly registered.

Who is a Salone d’Impresa?
For over 17 years, Salone d’Impresa has involved people, companies and universities in events, cultural and business projects for the development of the organizations in the territory.

Automated exchange of master and order data through EDI

licht & harmonie - automated data exchange through DERWID EDI solution

The collaboration between licht & harmonie and DERWID

Today we present you the success story of our collaboration with licht & harmonie.

Based in Rietberg, Germany, licht & harmonie develops and refines holistic solutions for high-quality glass doors and fittings since 1999.
Partnership, service, innovation and team spirit are values that they live with heart and passion. In particular, nurturing close partnerships with timber merchants and door specialists, with a focus on quality and design for their end customers, allows licht & harmonie to offer professional service and first-class products.

We met when they were searching for an EDI integration solution: they needed to exchange master and order data with their customers in an automated way.
Today, “thanks to the EDI solution from DERWID, numerous customer orders are automated and no longer need to be recorded by our employees.” says Thomas Herbold, CEO of licht & harmonie.

We are glad to help licht & harmonie facilitate the customer processes around their glass doors.

Logistics and Supply Chain: trends and innovations at the GL summit

DERWID al Global Summit Logistics and Supply Chain 2019

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn more about the current trends in the supply chain management at the Global Summit Logistics & Supply Chain on 10th and 11th April 2019 in Lazise, Verona (Italy).

DERWID at GL Summit Logistics & Supply Chain 2019

This year DERWID will be exhibitor at the GL Summit Logistics & Supply Chain.
At our stand you will find out the advantages of a solution for the automatic integration of suppliers and business partners, for a 4.0 supply chain. You will also discover how to optimize the supply chain management and the relationships with your suppliers through our competences.

Save the date! On Thursday, April 11th at 10.30 am don’t miss the lecture of DERWID’s CEO Horst Exenberger about “Supplier Relationship Management: the secret to growing successful relationship with suppliers”.
Starting from the traditional supplier management problems, we will explore approaches and solutions to create and manage a collaboration without unexpected events. If you are wondering how to monitor and control your suppliers performances in real time, you can’t miss it.


The Global Summit Logistics & Supply Chain in short

Now in its 25th edition, the GL Summit Logistics & Supply Chain is confirmed as the most complete and dynamic business oriented event for the industrial, distribution logistics and supply chain sector.
At Centro Congressi Hotel Parchi del Garda in Pacengo di Lazise, Verona (Italy), logistics and supply chain professionals will meet for two days of professional updating and discussions.
In the agenda:

  • more than 20 lectures, to learn and understand the current competitive scenarios and supply chain trends
  • one2one meetings between logistics directors and selected exhibitors, to see first-hand innovative solutions and evaluate new suppliers
  • networking opportunities, to discover new approaches and strategies for the logistics management

Do you want to learn more about supply chain and supplier relationship management? Contact us!

DERWID at EuroCIS 2019

Visit DERWID at EuroCIS 2019

DERWID starts this year attending EuroCIS in Düsseldorf, Germany.
From 19th to 21st February 2019 visit us at Hall 9 Stand F81!

EuroCIS is the leading trade fair for retail technology in Europe.
In Düsseldorf the latest trends of the sector will be discussed: Digital Transformation, Conversational Commerce, Virtual Worlds, Big Data and Internet of Things – just to mention some of the topics.
Here visitors will find solutions for digitalization, individualization and new, revolutionary technologies for the retail of tomorrow.

Are you dreaming of a more interactive and customized e-commerce experience for your customers? Visit our stand and experience firsthand our full web 3D configurator!
Do you need to improve the relationships with your suppliers, instead? We will be glad to inform you about our software for SRM – Suppliers Relationship Management and help you optimize your purchase processes.

Don’t miss this opportunity and arrange a meeting with us at EuroCIS 2019! Contact us and get your free ticket.
We are looking forward to meeting you at EuroCIS!

Mandatory B2B e-invoicing in Italy: who thinks about the purchasing cycle?

Fatturazione elettronica B2B e ciclo passivo

Now January, 1st 2019 it is really about to come: the turning point for electronic invoicing in Italy. What impact will this mandatory process have for Italian companies?
For us, positive consequences overcome the negative ones, if we do not only comply with the obligation. And we take this moment as an opportunity to rethink our business processes instead. Because electronic invoicing does not just mean invoices to customers. We should also consider the relationship with suppliers.
We talk about B2B e-invoicing and automation of the purchasing cycle.

EDI, flows automation, electronic invoicing: just an obligation?

Often technological innovations enter the company as an obligation. Obligation to adapt to customer requests. Obligation to comply with laws and regulations by the institutions. In doing so, we just add a new process to the existing ones. We often adapt without having time to stop and reflect: could this new technology also bring advantages to the company, other than not losing the customer or being compliant?

The introduction of mandatory B2B e-invoicing in Italy it’s the right moment to stop and ask: could I change something and benefit from this obligation?

Automation of the purchasing cycle: if not now, when?

From January, 1st 2019 there will be no alternative: all invoices, both from sales and purchase, should be exchanged through the official platform Sistema di Interscambio (SdI) and have the structured xml electronic format. Invoices in other formats or exchanged through other channels will not be valid.

In order to be sure to continue your business, your first concern will be to adapt your processes to be able to send invoices to your customers.
In the past, maybe you have already given priority to customer’s requests. For example, you searched for a solution to automate orders and invoices flows through EDI, only to answer to your customer’s needs.
Perhaps once you have wondered: why don’t we automate also documents exchange with our suppliers? Thus, we could manage everything in a single place and with only one tool, the ERP system.
And probably the answer was: “Not yet”. Or that it will have been a titanic endeavor to manage all different document formats from your suppliers, sometimes even paper documents.

Now there are no more excuses. All your supplier’s invoices will be available in a single structured electronic format: it is the right moment to start with the purchasing cycle automation.

B2B electronic invoicing and purchasing cycle

With D/b2b e-invoicing you could exchange both sales and purchase invoices in electronic format through the SdI system. It could directly be integrated with your ERP system, without installing any software.

Increased openness, less errors and costs

If you automate the receiving of purchasing invoices with D/b2B e-invoicing, the invoices approved by the SdI system will be directly available into your ERP system.
Thus, you could avoid errors due to manual data entry and optimize purchasing invoices management time and costs.

After this first step, why not proceeding with the digitization process and automating also the order sending to those same suppliers? You will eliminate other low added value activities with new benefits for your business.

And if you need it, you could also electronically archive your documents according to law, thanks to the collaboration with Ifin Sistemi, AgID accredited partner.

I’m already using D/bip: how does D/b2b invoicing work for me?

If you are already using the D/bip platform, your active EDI flow will be used also to exchange e-invoices through the SdI system. There will be no changes for your customers and suppliers, both Italian and foreign: they will continue receiving documents through EDI as today.
If you are not receiving invoices in electronic format yet, we need to define and activate the new flows for purchasing invoices: they will be transmitted from the SdI system and will be directly available into your ERP system.

Do you still have doubts?
Contact us.
Or find an answer to your questions Thursday, 22nd November at 16.30 at our online event. Thanks to DERWID and Ifin Sistemi you will discover how B2B e-invoicing in Italy will work. Join the event: it’s free.

DERWID’s Project Management internal course: new competences available to you

DERWID's internal course about Project Management

How could a DERWID’s internal course about Project Management be useful for our customers and partners? Let’s discover it together in this article.

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.”
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Why working on Project Management?

In DERWID, we always work towards increasing our internal competences. Of course, we want to continuously improve our internal organization. But, that is not the only reason. First of all, we invest in our training to enhance our services to you, our customers and partners.

During last year, DERWID’s employees had a great opportunity: to learn more about Project Management.

In a company, projects are fundamental. Also if you don’t call them projects. And knowing how to manage them is the right starting point to reach positive results.
For that reason, among DERWID’s employees, we have some experienced and qualified Project Managers (PM), that work on projects according to standard international best practices. In order to be more efficient and profitable, we decided to further grow and spread the Project Management culture inside the company.

Therefore, during last year the company invested in Project Management training: DERWID’s employees in all our offices attended Project Management courses and some of us already obtained the first level ISIPM certification.

An internal course about Project Management

In order to complete this training, an internal course about Project Management was planned. It was completed last week.

Our asset and PM Lorenzo Cuciniello introduced us to the Project Management basics. Starting from the International Norm, we then explored the context, technical and behavioral competences that a PM should have. Moreover, we examined the requirements, the players involved and the project processes. We also talked about the risks of Project Management, about constraints and assumptions and all the variables to be considered if we want that a project ends successfully.

And, which are the results after this Project Management training? First of all, more awareness to manage your projects. And then, a whole company that supports you and our PMs and understands Project Management topics. A concrete help to reach your goals.

And remember, as Sir Winston Churchill once said:
“Plans are of little importance, but planning is essential.”

Do you want to know if DERWID could help you with your projects? Contact us and discover our Project Management competences.