Automated exchange of master and order data through EDI

licht & harmonie - automated data exchange through DERWID EDI solution

The collaboration between licht & harmonie and DERWID

Today we present you the success story of our collaboration with licht & harmonie.

Based in Rietberg, Germany, licht & harmonie develops and refines holistic solutions for high-quality glass doors and fittings since 1999.
Partnership, service, innovation and team spirit are values that they live with heart and passion. In particular, nurturing close partnerships with timber merchants and door specialists, with a focus on quality and design for their end customers, allows licht & harmonie to offer professional service and first-class products.

We met when they were searching for an EDI integration solution: they needed to exchange master and order data with their customers in an automated way.
Today, “thanks to the EDI solution from DERWID, numerous customer orders are automated and no longer need to be recorded by our employees.” says Thomas Herbold, CEO of licht & harmonie.

We are glad to help licht & harmonie facilitate the customer processes around their glass doors.