Peter Rohr ready for the last race of IBHR 2019

The International Bridgestone Handy Race (IHBR) is about to end: an amazing edition 2019, full of emotions.

During the international paralympic motorcycling competition, organized by FIM (Fédération International de Motocyclisme), Handi Free Riders and Diversamente Disabili with the support of the FFM (Fédération Française de Motocyclisme), disabled motorcyclists compete in the three races of the championship.

As last year, the final round will be raced at Magny Cours – France, on 27-29 September, again with the World Superbike Championship.

We met Peter Rohr, World Champion of IHBR 2018 and sponsored by DERWID in this great adventure, and we asked him some questions.

One race missing before the end of your second worldwide championship, the pressure is high. Which are your expectations?

Despite the most difficult racing conditions, the season so far has gone well. Of course I want to finish the race at Magny Cours with a victory. My competitors are even stronger this year, so I can’t afford any mistake.

I’ve been thinking about our race for 2 weeks now and tried to simulate every possible racing situation in advance. This is the best way for me to prepare myself to go beyond my limits on race day.

Looking back to that bad accident, what was the hint that pushed you to train again and come back on the track?

After my accident in 2015 my whole environment toldme that it was over now with motorcycling and I should be happy that I was still alive.

When they heard that I wanted to ride again despite my accident, most people thought I was crazy – exactly for this reason, I really wanted to get back on my motorbike.

When I was still in hospital, I was joking with my friends: I told them that when I got back on the bike, I would overtake them in the outside corner, even though I was only riding with one hand….

everyone laughed and said that the only goal was that we could at least ride our bikes for a coffee.

One year later I overtook my friends in Rijeka on the race track…

Which are you future goals?

My first goal at IBHR was to be in the top 3 in 2018 and I have achieved it.

My second goal is to defend the title in 2019. In 12 days, we will know whether this will happen.

My further goals have not yet been precisely defined, as I’m already looking forward to the 2020 season and I am curious to see how our racing series will develop.

It’s also time to show some consideration for my father, who supported me on this journey of my life from the beginning and was always on the road with me.

A big thank you also belongs to my girlfriend Martina, friend mechanic Alex and Horst of DERWID, without whom I would not have been able to afford this season with the title defense mission!

Good Luck Peter!

DERWID is part of the Federation of Industry of Carinthia

DERWID is pleased to announce that it has been included as a new member of the Federation of Austrian Industries. This is an honor for us but also a big opportunity to improve the visibility of our company, to raise the networking and the cooperation with institutions and the other members.
Today DERWID is headquartered in Villach, Austria, with other 3 branches among Italy and Germany. This strategical position is increasingly important for our competitive presence in the Industry 4.0 and our central role in Digitalization.

Federation of Industry

The Federation of Austrian Industries (IV) is the voluntary and independent representation of interests of the Austrian industry and its related sectors. As a recognised political partner, it works on the positive further development of Austria. The IV represents the concerns of its more than 4,400 current members from the manufacturing sector, the banking industry, infrastructure and industry-related services in the provinces, at the federal level and in Europe.
Efficiently and leanly structured, IV is a platform for its members to help shape industrial, economic and socio-political issues.As an interface between companies and politics, it works as a Representation of interests, think tank, network and service partner. As a member of the official European employer social partner BusinessEurope, IV is also the strong voice of Austrian industry at the European level.

Team Rotary RAAMs polio winning at Race Across America 2019

Team Rotary RAAMs polio winning Race Across America 2019

Great achievement for the Team Rotary RAAMs polio that last June confirmed the first place in their category and improved the record!

Thousands kilometers of training and thousands kilometers to ride before the finish line… day and night, sun and rain to cross the United States by bike, from the West coast to the East one, through 3000 miles, 12 states and 175 feet of difference in high… this is Race Across America!

Joining this amazing experience is not the main aim of the Team Rotary RAAMs polio, but rather raising money to eradicate polio worldwide.

Since last year, DERWID has supported and shared the commitment of Team Rotary RAAMs Polio in reaching this goal.

Team Rotary RAAMs polio: a project of people to people.

We have met Kurt Matzler, Management professor at the University of Innsbruck in Austria and rider of the Team Rotary RAAMs polio since 2016, to ask him more details about the experience of this year.

The Team ‘Rotary RAAMs Polio’ consists on three men and a woman, from Italy, Austria and USA. You run the Race Across America to raise money to help eradicate polio worldwide.
When and why did you start this amazing project?

Bob McKenzie from USA formed the Team Rotary Raams Polio in 2016. His vision was to combine our passion for cycling with raising money to make a significant contribution to eradicate Polio. I was lucky enough to be selected for the team as the only European in 2016.

We finished the race as a four men team and raised about USD 300,000. Inspired by our success, we decided to race again in 2017.

Six weeks before the start, one of the racers had to step back because of serious health issues. My wife Ruth was foreseen as a crew member. She is also a great cyclist, so this was her moment. We could convince her to step in. We raced as a mixed team and finished in a little more than seven days and could raise more than USD 500,000 for Rotary’s End Polio Now program.

Ruth was so excited that she pushed us to do RAAM again in 2018 and 2019. In both years we won our race category and set new records. 3,069 miles in 6 days, 14 hours and 6 minutes. But what makes us really happy are the donations. More than USD 3 million in those four years! More than 5 million children received a vaccination.

RAAM 2019- 1st place in your category and more than 1,250,000$ raised to eradicate polio: another great achieved goal! Congratulations!
Which was the most meaningful moment of this edition?

Thank you. We are really proud of this. But we could not have achieved this without the great help of our crew, the support of our sponsors, and all the people and Rotary Clubs that donated for our project.

For me there were three meaningful moments. The first one was a minute before our press meeting in Oceanside, two days before the start, when Bob told me that we have achieved a million in donations. We had already won before the start!

The second one was during the race. One of our support vehicles was involved in a horrible car accident. When I woke up from a power nap, I saw the picture of the completely destroyed car on its roof on the highway. Thanks God nobody was hurt. This accident reminded us all of how dangerous RAAM can be.

The third moment was when we arrived in Annapolis at 5:30 in the morning at sunrise. Not only we won, we set a new record! But more important, everybody arrived safe.

Looking to the future: which is the next goal of your team for 2020?

We have not yet decided whether we race again in 2020.

RAAM and our donation program requires a whole year of hard work. You need to find a great crew, consisting of 14 people that put all their efforts in this project. You need to find sponsors to cover the USD 50,000 of expenses. You need to spend all your available time to raise donations. There is not one day during the whole year, on which you don’t think of RAAM and don’t work for the project – Christmas maybe the only exception. On the other side everybody feels a kind of obligation to continue if you think of millions of children that can be protected from this horrible disease.

DERWID is thankful to the team for what they are doing and proud to be one of their sponsors.


The power of a dream

Peter Rohr at Mugello

When you look in the eyes of Peter, you can see a light: a bit foolish, a bit magical… and behind his shyness and humility, you can feel the unbelievable power of a dream.

After a big crash with his motorbike in 2015, where he lost the use of his left arm, Peter Rohr has come back on the track and he is collecting successes! Derwid is proud to support him in this challenging road.

The performance with that, he gifted us last Sunday 26th August 2018 is the new 1000cc Paralympic record in Mugello: he scores the best lap in the 2.02.163 during the race.

Congratulations for your 1st place Peter!!!

Grab your chance!

DERWID doesn’t go on holiday!

Summer 2018 - DERWID doesn't go on holiday

DERWID does not close during the summer.

For us it is really important to be always available to answer promptly to all our customers’ requests.

We work closely with all our customers and partners,  to help them revolutionize their processes, to grow, and to become more competitive together.

If you need any kind of information or support, do not hesitate to contact us, even in August!

Variant Configuration in SAP

Variant Configuration in SAP

Last 5th July DERWID attended the 11th Conference about Variant Manufacturing and Variant Management in Sankt Leon – Rot, organized by Sybit together with SAP and msg treorbis.

We explained the highlights of 3D Configuration in SAP Fiori in partnership with msg Treorbis and the unlimited possibilities of Variant Configuration.  As a matter of fact, the production of the future needs to be always faster, more individual, more intuitive to continue to satisfy the wishes of customers.

It is increasingly important to be able to easily configure and order even complex machines, tools, components or devices adapted to specific needs online. Variant configuration thus gains new and important importance – also for management.

Do you want more information about 3D visualization in SAP? Please, contact us.

DERWID at Smart Variant CON 2018

DERWID at Smart Variant CON 2018

Last week, from 24th to 26th June DERWID attended Smart Variant CON in the Maritim Pro Arte Hotel in Berlin. This event is one of the most important conferences on the topic variant configuration and complexity management in the German speaking area.

Within the moderation of two Tech Take Sessions, for the 4th edition, DERWID with the partner MSG.treorbis presented current trends around visualization and graphical configuration of variants. In particular, the graphical visualization integrated in SAP Fiori had a real positive feedback.

The combination of practical lectures and interactive elements characterized the conference and gave an overview on the latest trends and opportunities of variant configuration, such as the integrated 3D visualization technologies of DERWID, to around 200 participants.

We are glad to be part of the growing product configuration community  in Germany and to share our innovations and knowledge in these such stimulating environments.

Do you want more information about our solutions for the visualization and graphical configuration of variants? Contact us.

Team Rotary RAAMs polio winning at Race Across America

Team Rotary RAAMs polio

Today we tell you an unbelievable story:

4 people from 50 to 59 years old and  from 3 different countries decided to cross the United States by bike, from the West coast to the East one, through 3000 miles, 12 states and 175 feet of difference in high, in only one week!

But… there is more!

This challenge is not only athletic. They try to raise money to fight against polio, a terrible disease that affects million of children worldwide.

Thousands kilometers of training and thousands kilometers to ride before the finish line… day and night, sun and rain… without stops but always together with their amazing staff… and then, after 6 days, 18 hours and 4 minutes… on Saturday 23rd June they won the 1st place!!!

And there is even more: before and during the race, Team Rotary RAAMs polio has raised more than USD 1 million!!!

As you can image, it’s not a fairy tale, everything is true!

Derwid is very proud of these two big results and happy to take part to this project by sponsoring these amazing people!

Congratulations dear friends!

Smart Variant CON 2018

Smart Variant CON 2018

Smart Variant CON 2018
Maritim Pro Arte Hotel / Berlin

On 24th June 2018 Smart Variant CON 2018 will begin: it is the biggest platform for variant and complexity management in the German speaking area.

During the two-day congress many successful projects about variance management and solutions for an efficient configuration will be presented, while practical methods for the calculation and reduction of complexity will be discussed.

For the forth time, DERWID is partner of Smart Variant CON and during the icebreaker session on 26th June we will speak about the advantages of 3D visualization with our partner msg treorbis GmbH.

More information about Smart Variant CON 2018 and the complete agenda here:

In ‘Kärntner Wirtschaft’ of today

In 'Kärntner Wirtschaft' of today

In ‘Kärntner Wirtschaft’ of today you can read a piece about DERWID and its multicultural and professional staff.

During DERWID Summit 2018, we celebrated our new branch in Villach with also the authorities fo Carinthia. Thanks to the vice major of Villach, Petra Oberrahauner, and the President Mandl to have attended the summit.