All you need to know about last June variant configuration conferences

Variant configuration event 2019

What’s the most important trend in variant configuration?
Centralized variant configuration management is gaining more and more importance. In order to optimize processes, both in the back-end and front-end activities, a centralized solution is necessary.
Read on for some highlights on variant configuration trends.

How to manage complexity and variants is a hot topic for many manufacturing companies. Last June we attended two leading events on variant configuration in Germany: smart variant CON in Berlin and the 12th conference for variant manufacturing in St. Leon-Rot. During the events we had occasion to better understand the challenges from industry, to find out brand-new trends and also to present to other colleagues and participants our competence and experiences.
In Berlin we discussed in detail about current challenges of variant product configuration and complexity management, while in St. Leon-Rot we focused on variant management in SAP.

What does variant configuration really mean in 2019?

What we took home from this event is that we should imagine a centralized configurator, when thinking about effective variant and product configuration in 2019.
In order to better manage complexity and improve business processes, one centralized configurator should be used both to manage internal order entry or quotation systems and also for e-commerce.

It’s not anymore possible to imagine two different and separate configuration tools, one dedicated to back-end tasks, while the other to front-end activities.
As regards the back-end and modeling configuration trends, we are moving towards a “Configurator Portfolio” thinking. This means that different products/product groups and specific user touchpoints could be handled as a whole portfolio. Even if there are different configurator approaches, all is based on one central technology suite.
On the other hand, when focusing on the final user, companies should focus on the need of flexibility for a configurator always available and free from technology barriers. A multi-touchpoint approach is needed, paying attention to the increasing importance of user experience.

After these enhancing experiences, we are looking forward to solve together with you the challenges of variant configuration.

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