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DERWID’s solutions for INDUSTRY 4.0

Offering increasingly personalized products to customers, while mass-producing – however according to a more flexible logic.

So we can summarize the idea of INDUSTRY 4.0, the fourth industrial revolution, which is defining the future of the manufacturing industry.


Developed in Germany, the project INDUSTRY 4.0 is spreading rapidly.

Automation, Internet of Things, Smart Factory, Big Data and integration of customers and partners in the production process are some of the key concepts of the factory of the future. Companies in the manufacturing sector are restructuring in order to handle more flexibly the growing complexity of this new production.


DERWID’s solutions fulfill some of the typical needs of the factory of the future, just thanks their flexibility.


DERWID's solutions for industry 4.0



In the factory 4.0, customized products are created, each different from another. The processing flow of these complex and individual products is no longer linear and repetitive: for each product, the machines execute unique instructions. This new production process is thought in terms of singular batch: every product is 100% individual, also in the manufacturing process.
The factory becomes smart, starting from machines and their programming.

For every new product it is necessary to create a unique processing flow, generating the production data each time. With our solutions for product configuration, the program prepares the data for the single production and communicates directly with the machines.



Just in time and individual production of the factory 4.0 leads to a stock reduction, both incoming and outgoing. The procurement of raw materials, semi-finished and individual products/services is less foreseeable. It becomes therefore essential to have a reliable tool for orders, able to guarantee a timely and accurate communication with suppliers and other business partners.

DERWID, with the business integration platform (BIP), offers the ideal tool for a secure electronic data interchange, an any to any converter suitable for any type of format – without limits.



Also the sales office needs to adapt to this new kind of products. The product becomes complex, with many variants in shape, dimensions and price to consider when selling.
In order to handle all this easily and promptly, the features of an ERP are not sufficient. Thanks to our product configurator, fully integrated with production systems, the sales office have a tool ready for use to design the desired product together with the customer – according to the producer rules – and to calculate the prices in an automated way in real time.



“If the production process is unique and individually generated, how does the after sales assistance service for any defect or replacement function?” this is a question to which many are trying to respond.
For a company it is unthinkable to manage again the whole order from the beginning, when receiving this kind of requests. In the factory 4.0 must exist an automated process to solve these situations.
The debate about which is the best answer to this question is still open.

In order to better manage this type of events, DERWID can offer you individual solutions based on the product configurator and the business integration platform (BIP).



How could we present such a product, with all its different combinations to a potential customer? Also marketing department has to rethink its strategy.
An interactive solution, capable of showing to every potential customer exactly what he is searching for, becomes necessary.

The photographic configurator offers this opportunity: companies could present their products, involving and moving potential customers online. At the same time they could update in real time the collections with new features or models, which are thus immediately available to customers on the website or using an app.


And this is only our starting point. In fact, DERWID is actively committed in developing and completing its solutions, together and for its customers, and making them ready to face the new challenges of INDUSTRY 4.0.