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Photographic Configurator D/e.design

Your environment or product customized with a click

The photographic configurator D/e.design was created to show the products of a company inside a real environment, thus overcoming the traditional idea of catalog.


Initially thought to be used in the field of surface and floor coverings, it easily adapts to any commercial sector: from the single object to furniture, up to the decoration of outdoor environments with many combinations and variants.


By using the photographic configurator D/e.design, you will optimize the presentation of your products to distributors and retailers, or directly to final customers, in showrooms such as on the web.


Configuratore living


Thanks to the photographic configurator you could present your range of products within a series of environments, which are organized and customized according to the logic defined in the analysis phase.

The customer actively interacts with the configurator: he chooses the environment closest to his taste, he selects the desired product by playing with variants and finally obtains his favorite combination, having the opportunity to concretely evaluate the esthetic effects and matchings.

Once obtained the desired product, it is possible to create an estimate which is directly sent to the customer via email.


The environments are reproduced in real time through a mix of photography and rendering techniques, creating images of the highest quality.

The photographic configurator D/e.design is a perfect tool to accelerate and increase sales. It was successfully adopted both as website add-on and as tool for showrooms.


D/e.design is available both online and in the local version, upgradable online.

The photographic configurator can be considered an intermediate step towards a design software: but unlike a design tool, it is simple and intuitive to use for everyone.


Watch the presentation video!


If you choose the photographic configurator D/e.design you will:


  • actively engage your customers and accelerate the creative process
  • improve communications with your distributors
  • have a highly customized solution
  • combine variants without limits
  • accelerate sales