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3D graphical product configuration

Software for the design of variant products through rules and variants

A 3D graphical product configurator for the design of variant products through rules and variants.


Besides allowing a complete 3D view of the design and planning, our graphical product configurator’s graphics engine has an exclusive real time 3D feature. This technical innovation permits you to present the furniture to the end user without waiting the long time needed by the classical rendering. You can also generate documents and data for CNC systems, thus optimizing production and delivery times.


Our software for graphical product configuration fully takes advantage of the Internet’s potential and opens up a whole new world of opportunities in an on-line dialogue with showrooms, points of sale, partners and representatives.

A full set of specific Cad functions that help and support the user while creating complex compositions are also available.


Graphical product configurator ideal fields of application:

  • Graphical order entry (In-House and PoS)
  • Customer’s planning and  drawings
  • Quotation management (In-House, field sales and PoS)
  • Work preparation and machinery planning
  • … and more


The following industries are already using our solutions for graphical product configuration to optimize their Sales and Production processes:


3d graphical product configuration Rendering - 3d graphical product configurator


Thanks to its experienced team of professionals and developers, DERWID offers you a comprehensive consulting and implementation service around graphical product configuration.


Some of our references:


Benefits when using a graphical product configurator:

  • Use along the entire value chain
  • 3D product visualization and rendering in real-time
  • Dynamic, centralized and always up-to-date product catalogs
  • Precision of the composition (rules, consistency and interference checks)
  • Price determination and complex calculations
  • Real BOM generation (variations, special, oversized)
  • Exploded view of the configuration, with highlight of work processes (own, induced, fittings, ecc.)
  • Automatic elaboration of data sheets, graphic labels, barcodes
  • Automatic generation of processing cycles in machine code
  • Integration of  ERP and MES
  • More than 30 years experience in the field of modular productions
  • … and more