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Digitized and archived documents with legal validity

Archiving is an art, the organization and conservation of documents are a need for any company.


D/arc was created in order to effectively manage your data asset. If you move your paper-based processes to digital ones, you will never lose anything anymore. Moreover D/arc perfectly integrates with the electronic data interchange system already in use in your company, creating the greatest advantage from this combination.


D/arc allows the electronic organization and management of documents, while meeting the requirements of legal electronic archiving, i.e. the data processing technique which validates documents through digital signature and timestamp.

With D/arc in just a few clicks your documents are ready to be digitally stored: easy to reach and available over time through classification parameters and research indexes. Thanks to D/arc, if requested, you’ll be able to safely show at any time the documents also over the web.

An essential support in your company for simplifying and speeding processes and for organizing and managing business information safely.


We offer you our technological and legal know-how, so you can easily focus only on your business.


D/arc offers both full outsourcing solutions and in house, services, with both massive signature and electronic archiving services to be configured according to local laws.


D/ARC is a simple and effective solution within the company organization regarding:


  • digital signature
  • electronic archiving (both of legal and fiscal value)
  • electronic billing
  • paperless documental processes



Electronic archiving with DERWID - D/arc



If you choose D/arc you will:


  • integrate with any electronic data interchange system (EDI)
  • wipe out any risk of losing documents
  • simplify administration
  • save paper, room, time for searching and retrieving documents
  • make the access to archived documents secure
  • have a positive effect on the environment