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A send and receive notification for your data

Value Added Network (VAN) is a type of transmission which enables to verify data sending and receiving.


Its characteristics are security and traceability: it guarantees an EDI communication for B2B information exchange amongst business partners, it certifies and controls the transaction.
The sending and receiving of the transmission are therefore certified.


To use D/van you do not need any additional skills to those already present in your company: you choose your preferred transmission technology.
You inform us about your transmission channel, we use it and implement our solution upon that.
You will only use one channel to communicate with all your partners, regardless of their transmission technology.

D/van enables you to conclude any kind of business transaction more efficiently, promoting the creation of new partnerships, also international, through different transmission channels:

  • AS/2
  • X.400
  • OFTP
  • SOAP
  • Peppol


A Value Added Network transmission for your documents - D/van



If you choose D/van you will:

  • have a secure and traceable data exchange
  • have full control over the transaction status
  • adapt to any transmission channel
  • secure the confidentiality of the exchanged information