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Automated sending and receiving of faxes


D/fax allows you to send and receive faxes automatically both to whom uses EDI technology, and to whom does not use it, and it integrates with our data conversion and transmission service.

If you use this solution you can send us texts and addresses in any format; we will then deliver them (also mass mailing). You can reach also companies who do not use EDI technology, continuing to transmit data through your favorite electronic exchange channel.
We send the data as an electronic fax to your clients or suppliers, that will receive it through a traditional channel.

You can receive faxes through the integration with D/OCR.



Convert your documents into electronic format


D/scan facilitates document archiving to those companies who do not have internal resources to transform their documents into an electronic format. With this service you do not need to buy new equipment nor dedicate any of your employees to this task.
We will scan your documents, freeing up resources and accelerating the archiving process.
D/scan integrates with our electronic archiving service.



Optical character recognition


D/ocr allows you to extract from image files, with text or barcodes, textual contents, which can then be processed.
OCR technology enables optical character recognition.

D/ocr particularly fits the needs of those companies who receive documents from their business partners through different channels.

D/ocr integrates with D/fax and D/scan. Therefore data can be extracted, modified and transmitted.
D/ocr also integrates with D/cct.