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Your documents in any format

D/cct is a simple solution for B2B integration, automating business, accounting and logistic flows.

If you choose DERWID for EDI – Electronic Data Interchange, i.e. the most widespread system for electronic exchange of commercial documents, the language of the sender is translated into the language of the addressee and the information is shared immediately throughout the supply chain.


Do not worry if your business partners’ formats are different from yours. D/cct transforms your documents into your business partners’ chosen formats and transmits them. It is a real translator: it converts your format so that your partners can read it.

Your Import/Export interfaces already present in your ERP are sufficient for using D/cct: you send your data to the converter in your format. The converter checks the coherence of the documents and enables you to find and correct immediately any imprecision, without interrupting the sending of correct data.


For an EDI ready company, it is easier to manage work relationships with clients and suppliers.

Our solutions meet the requirements of electronic data exchange (EDI): classical, but also through B2B portals and e-commerce platforms, thanks to the opportunity of integrating with any format or transmission channel.


Convert, control, transmit. Your documents in any format using EDI - D/cct


D/cct allows any to any conversion handling both national and international formats such as:
  • ANSI ASC X12
  • VDA
  • Euritmo
  • Filconad
  • Indicod


If you choose D/cct you will:

  • get rid of manual control in business transactions
  • reduce the percentage of error caused by human intervention
  • optimize the costs of data entry
  • speed up data transmission
  • reduce paper and printing costs
  • use our data clearing system

… its flexibility allows our
company to connect with all
our business partners,
regardless of their formats …

Dr Doglioni Matteo
(IT Manager at Friul Intagli
Industries S.p.A.)