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You deal with contents, we deal with formats, archiving and data transmission

D/bip is a web based Business Integration platform for managing and organizing all your documents in digital format: through the sending and receiving of data, the platform allows the communication between companies with a single exchange channel; thanks to electronic archiving and digitization processes, it enables a precise and immediate document management.

Our web based Business Integration Platform: D/bip
This platform includes all the services for
an effective integrated communication:
if you choose D/bip you can transform
and control transmitted data (D/cct),
transmit safely (D/van) and save time
and room with electronic archiving (D/arc).


The system can be perfectly integrated into any management system, because it really “translates” data into a format compatible with any ERP system involved in the exchange.


Suppliers, customers, distributors, ports, customs, administrations… Any partner you exchange data with, DERWID provides a secure, quick and unlimited electronic communication between companies.

Any format and amount of documents through any channel.


D/bip is a real communication gateway, because it enables the management of both transmissions for the sales cycle and for the purchasing cycle.


As regards the costs, the flexibility of DERWID services also applies here: for all business integration services, costs are modulated according to your transmission or archiving needs over time.

We offer a PAY PER USE system: the costs correspond only to the actual amount of data transmitted or archived.

To improve the quality and convenience of our solutions we developed a FAIR USE approach: adaptable and fair solutions for your actual needs.


Our outsourced services are coordinated in a data center in Munich. The data center has a guaranteed uptime of 99,95%: 24 hours a day, every day, to ensure security and reliability.



D/bip includes all the services for an effective integrated communication for both the sales and the purchasing cycle.