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We optimize your business processes

DERWID facilitates and optimizes daily processes within a company.


We deal with the connection with your business partners, ensuring a safe and efficient document transmission. We facilitate also the control over all your business resources throughout the entire value chain: we help you manage your documents and plan personnel attendances, we support you in designing your modular products and organizing and monitoring your production processes.


Our clients work in industry, craft and trade, both in branches such as automotive, do-it-yourself, furniture, white goods, food & beverage and fashion and in fields such as logistics, transports and e-commerce.


Our technological solutions allow you to solve both your needs and your clients’ requirements: you will improve the routine activities inside your company and at the same time automate data exchange flows with all your business partners.

Your data management and communication costs will drop: freeing up resources, reducing errors and outsourcing a variety of services.

Furthermore our technological solutions allow you to increase your competitiveness and to create new opportunities: you will easily explore new markets, get to know other business models and then open new sales channels.