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About us

Our history at your disposal

DERWID was born in 2001 and can count on five seats located in Italy, Austria and Germany.

Our historic headquarters are located in Friuli Venezia Giulia (Italy), a meeting point for different people and cultures. We expanded abroad to extend the range of our services and offer a better and international service to our clients.


DERWID means Druid, the ancient priest of the Celtic tradition. The Druid was the custodian of knowledge, mediator among peoples and adviser of the sovereign.

As Druids in the past, today we are the custodians of the necessary know-how to help you optimize business processes, both internal (document, human resources and production management) and external (data exchange), acting as mediators among your commercial partners. We advise you on the best solutions for your needs.


In 2015 In.tres srl enters the DERWID group. In business since 1981, it enriches DERWID’s offer thanks to its expertise gained in the field of CAD/CAM for the design, setting and production of complex modular products.




We want to build bridges between companies to help them compete in a modern market, filling the information transmission and management gap and overcoming technological and language barriers.

We believe that also small and medium companies can innovate and be more competitive, if they discover the advantages of the digitization of business processes and all the additional services that DERWID solutions offer.





gained over the years with national and international projects


expertise and flexibility
we work with any format and adapt to our clients’ technical knowledge, implementing customized solutions and fulfilling the needs and peculiarities of any sector


precision and customer focus,
our language skills promote internationalization and an effective communication


customers’ demands and market analyses,
so that we can offer the appropriate solutions to the identified needs, both for standardized products (EDI) and for complex and customizable products (configurator)


security and reliability,
of our outsourced services, also provided through the preparation and the availability of our team